Tymetal Corp.


Think of FAB3 as a diversified metal fabricator. We look to develop operational and strategic partnerships with our customers as together, we match our capabilities to your needs. We encourage you to inquire with us about both your routine and special requirements. We strive to provide the quality you expect with lead times that meet your schedule.

Diversified: FAB3 makes products, parts and provides services such as shot blasting, painting and soon metalizing as an alternative to galvanizing.

Metal: We fabricate carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum. Based on the requirement we use mild carbon or high strength steel and encourage you to partner with us to determine what steel works best for your application.

Fabricator: FAB3 has the capability to bend (CNC), punch, drill, cut (plasma or laser), saw, shear, machine and milling (CNC) metal. We connect metal with welds (MIG or robotically) and with slot and or rivets, depending on your end use. If you prefer a different connection, we will work with you to provide what is needed.

FAB3 can be your incubator or highly productive metal fabricator or anything in between. We pride ourselves on our quality, ease of doing business, delivery schedules (two shift operation) and value pricing.

At Fort Miller FAB3 Corp., welding is one of our strengths and robotic arc welding a center of excellence. Our capabilities allow us to weld a large array of shapes and sizes, when welding in volume where consistent precision is required. Our programming capabilities drives the process and our experienced operators provide the oversight to insure consistency beyond your expectations.

Please visit our Youtube Channel to see our ArcMate 120i in action.

Fort Miller FAB3 is proud to offer Laser Cutting services here at our Greenwich, NY manufacturing facilities.  The Bystronic BySprint 4020 allows us to cut components that require both extremely accurate tolerances and repeatability.  We have the flexibility to provide design and engineering services, but we can also receive parts in either DXF or SolidWorks files that we can input directly onto the shop floor.  We have the ability to process sheets as large as 6'6" x 13' and our 4400 Watt Laser can cut thicknesses of up to 1" steel, 5/8" stainless steel and 1/2" aluminum*.

If you would like to learn more about our Laser Cutting capabilities or if there is a job that you would like us to take a look at, please contact our Sales Team here FM FAB3.

Fort Miller FAB3 is proud to offer Sandblasting services here at our new facilities in Greenwich, NY. Sandblasting is an ideal choice for rust removal, paint preparation, and material restoration. We have built a dedicated sandblasting building that can accommodate projects both large and small. With doors on either end of the building and 18’ tall ceilings, we have the ability to drive in large vehicles and blast them efficiently. Our equipment also has the capacity to handle a variety of blasting media, which allows us to tackle a wide range of projects.

Fort Miller FAB3 also has extensive painting and finish capabilities. Our state of the art spray booth and professional finishing staff, coupled with our new Sandblasting facility, allows us to provide complete metal restoration services.

To discuss the details of your upcoming sandblasting projects, please contact our Sales staff today!